If you’re sick and tired of your old do and long for a cut that would steal a few years from your real age, make sure you take a peek at the chic over 60 hair styles below. These stylish hairdo ideas will furnish you both with inspiration as well as the proper drive to […]

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One of the most frequent excuses for avoiding a new hair style is that the man in the lady’s life won’t like it. Not ‘might not’ like it or ‘isn’t sure’ but positively, definitely ‘won’t like it’. Actually, if you probe a bit deeper, you’ll often find that the lady doth protest too much and […]

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The answer is simple, up to date and fashionable hair styles for mature women are proving that youth is not the sole owner of beauty.As women mature so does their hair. Rich dark hues or youthfully light tresses may be replaced with silver threads. And the natural oils in our hair decrease which leads to thinning, dry […]

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Haircuts for women on the go range from coloured hairstyles, Italian haircut for women, haircuts for older women and new hairstyles for women set by today’s fashion trends. The women living life in her forties truly becomes a trend setter when it comes to the fashionable hair style that she desires.The 40′s women is often […]

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