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Blonde is a very eye-catching hair color. Short hairstyles are a sign of a confident personality, and styled in blode hairstyles reveals the most attracting looks possible. Make it extra short, chin length or edgy, the short blonde hairstyles 2011 are the most feminine and glamorous hair trends at the moment.Short blonde hairstyles 2011 has a tendency to be fine and not easy to style. While many folks with straight blonde hair find their hair hangs limply, there are several ways you can perk it up, making it beautiful and stylish.

The short blonde hairstyles 2011 are popular because they create lengthening effects, slimming the face and making youthful looks.  For women with fine or straight hair, straight short blonde hairstyles is a good choice. For any shade of blonde this cuts will make the color the main focus because of the smooth surface.The extra short blonde hairstyles 2011 can go from the razor cut like Amber Rose did, till the pixie stylish hairstyle of Victoria Beckham. Being so short, the hair will make a boyish look, but if it suits your face shape, than it will emphasize your facial features and make a perfect low maintenance haircut. It is preferred by busy women who have limited time to hairstyling. It is a strong look that provides self confidence and firm attitude.

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