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Finding the right trendy hairstyle when almost every possible trend seems to be done on straight hair can become rather difficult for someone who has amazing curls. However, there is also a wide palette of beautiful hairstyles for curly hair too. You just need to choose the most flattering one and get the best out of it. Take a peek to the spring/summer 2011 curly hairstyles trends and find the look it works for you.
It is well-known the fact that curly hair gives a special, one-of-a-kind appearance to its “owner”. If properly taken care of, curls can look spectacular. Therefore, you have to brush and untangle them making sure you won’t break your hair. As long as you give the attention it needs, you can obtain amazing results on curly hair and the spring/summer 2011 hairstyles trends can represent a source of inspiration for you.

spring/summer 2011, natural-looking tresses are extremely hot even though they might have a rather messy appearance. Keeping your curls as natural as possible is a must if you want to keep up with the newest hairstyle trends. However, for a more sophisticated and elegant approach there are also different oh-so-glamorous hairstyles you can adopt, especially those with a retro vibe. Everything stands in your attitude and the boldness to be different.
Whether your hair is naturally curly or you just want to adopt a whole new look on straight hair able to impress, you should know that for the warmer season everything is possible as curls are back for good with a myriad of versions for long, medium-length and short hair.

Regardless the length of your hair, there are so many different options for everyone. From the natural, messy long curls and the ’30s-inspired curly bob to the short rock-punk attitude and feminine updos, get ready to enjoy summer and flaunt amazing curly hairstyles with self-confidence. For spring/summer 2011 you can flaunt well-defined long curls such as seen at John Richmond and Ports 1961, or messier, natural versions as spotted at Marc Jacobs.A fun and fresh look that can easily be achieved at home can be applied on the hottest 2011 short hairstyles.The ruffled-up short hairstyle – with hair shorter at the nape of the neck and longer in the front – can become a real style statement. Moreover, with the short hair coming so strong for spring/summer 2011, you can too try a short, edgy crop

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