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Long hair is a big advantage as it is very versatile and allows a wide variety of fabulous and easy to create updos that are the current trend of 2011. All you need is loads of confidence and an active imagination and creativity to stand up in a crowd in these great looking updos. Take pleasure in three to make hair style options below that your hair longer afford you.

Sleek streamlined curly buns – this hairstyle is a super glamorous hairstyle with hair pulled back in a big bunch of curls that forms in a bun curls with a few strands of hair ends sticking out to tame curly bun streamlined look.

Side buns – a super fashionable, super sassy and yet easy to make. BAP can be created by separate hair on the side, quietly and sought to attract the opposite side of the part and the wave like a side ponytail with a rubber band. Loosely wind the hair around the elastic and secure with bobby pins

Braided or twisted updo – a very romantic updo that is easy to do. Part hair and braid between the two parts tightly secured with elastic at the bottom of the stitch. Take a plat and tautly wound around the head provided by bobby pins. Do the same with the other tape. For a messy look and soft, loosen some strand of hair from the sides and let it fall freely across the face frame.

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