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Many women are afraid to chop off their long hair into short hairstyles as they are afraid that having short hair would make them look masculine and less feminine. This is however untrue, as there are plenty of short hairstyles which would still bring out the feminine and girly side of women.

It is all about knowing which short hairstyles are the best. These are among the most popular and stylish short hairstyles for women in 2011.The Gamine could go either way of looking classy and elegant to looking like a punk rock princess.

More Pctures Of Short Hairstyles

To achieve the gamine look, cut the hair at the sides and the back short, and keep the bangs at the front. Style the hair into the Gamine by side-swiping the hair into one said of the forehead. The Gamine is suitable for girls with sharp chin as it complements the feature even more.

The undercut is for the more daring. Compared to Gamine, the undercut requires you to cut the sides and the back much shorter, leaving the hair on the top and the front long. The undercut could be vivacious and one of the most highly fashionable short hairstyles if done properly.

It is up to you how you want to style the upper and front hair, from spiky to side-swipe. Just like the Gamine, it is able to produce a rebellious image or a classy one.There are various close crop short hairstyles for women, from the fantasy elven-

like, to the more classy and elegant as well as the cute and edgy look. It is basically hair cut short in equal lengths, and is up to you if you want to straighten it or leave it wavy or curly. The styling makes the difference as you could make yourself look edgy or sophisticated.

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